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With a focus on rare diseases, inclusion and disability, BookLab publishes scientific books for the public. Our publications are developed in collaboration with scientists, artists and writers. Available in several languages, many of our publications are distributed for free in numerous countries. For more information, download our catalogue.

The Transformation

By Kara7 (with the kind collaboration of Ryadh Sallem)

Confined to a wheelchair following a life-changing accident, a former boxer turns to wheelchair rugby in order to rediscover his taste for competitions and victories. Claiming to be concerned only...

The Race of a Lifetime

By Kat-chan (with the kind collaboration of Renaud Clerc)

Between friendship, jealousy, competition and handicap, relationships are built and torn between athletes until they reach the Paralympic...

The Boccia Mountain

By Reptilian (with the kind collaboration of Sonia Heckel)

Suffering from a rare degenerative disease which gradually paralyzes her, our heroine finds her strength in the sport of boccia – providing her with the will to fight and always surpass herself in...


By Guillaume Federighi, aka Hey Gee (in collaboration with C. Ano)

Tracy is autistic. She is 13 years old, and her life is a journey. A journey to grow, a journey to progress, a journey to be loved as she is, just like everyone...


By Guillaume Federighi, aka Hey Gee (in collaboration with Rae Burremo)

Amy is battling leukemia. During a lumbar puncture, she falls asleep and becomes “Super Amy”, a unique heroine who helps children facing the same...


By Guillaume Federighi, aka Hey Gee (in collaboration with Ralph M.)

Alex starts a new school, and his classmates are not the most welcoming. Fighting against bullying, he reaches out to an adult and finds a way to regain his...

Paralympic Games

By Kara7, Kat-chan & Reptilian

Discover 3 original manga books on 3 paralympic athletes ! A project made in collaboration with the French Paralympic Sports Committee and 3...


By Twané (in collaboration with Prof. Philippe MOATI)

Kravin is a test subject for a new technology that implants a chip in the brain to broadcast advertisements during sleep. He is caught up in a frantic race for loyalty...

Glass ceiling

By Emilie TOSELLO (in collaboration Dr Olga MARKOVA)

“Thank you, good-bye …”, Meredith could not answer otherwise when she was told at the other end that she did not get the job she...

One of a kind

By Reptilian (in collaboration with Claire PEYTAVIN)

In the industrial group Le Plénier®, Ramona is struggling to find her place. In the hope of finally being recognized for her work as an engineer, she accepts a multi-month mission aboard an oil...

Gender chaos

By Kat-chan (in collaboration with Dr Natacha KADLUB)

A young doctor, Nohr works in the emergency room to become a general...


By Kara7 (in collaboration with Dr Céline BONNAIRE)

“Synapse” is a new generation game console, specialized in virtual...


By DarkHoni (in collaboration with Dr Jérémie SALVADERO)

In a world connected 24 hours a day, a teacher, admired by his students, gives life lessons via social...
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