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The Family

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By Reptilian

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The Family
in the spiral of rare diseases

by Reptilian (with the kind collaboration of Enzö Herbette, Lola Herbette and Cindy Roch)

This new manga trilogy, dedicated to rare diseases, has been produced thanks to the support of Eurordis and the kind collaboration of the Herbette-Roch family.

Age: 10-15 years old
Pagination: 192
Format: 180 x 130 mm
Binding: Paperback
Languages: French, English, Spanish
Publication: October 2023
978-2-493373-17-5 (printed book_French version)/ 978-2-493373-20-5 (ePub_French version)/ 978-2-38427-024-8 (ePub_English version)/978-2-490660-45-2 (ePub_Spanish version)

As soon as her son Enzo was born, Cindy “knew” that something was wrong. Months of isolation, mistrust and misunderstanding followed… a period of diagnostic wandering typical of rare diseases. Cindy, Lola and Enzo tell their stories of how a rare disease is a daily struggle for families. It’s a battle in which each one of them fights his or her own battle… as mother, sister and patient

“In the world of rare diseases, this manga becomes a beacon of hope. Through its stories, it highlights the challenges, resilience and victories of families affected by myasthenia. A powerful testament to the strength of the rare disease community. We are grateful to Fondation Ipsen for its essential support.”
Michael Wilbur (Director of Operations, EURORDIS-Rare Diseases Europe)

“This is a story of three heroes: Enzo, his sister and his mother. Through them we see courage, strength, togetherness, and everlasting love.”
James A. Levine (MD, PhD, Professor, Fondation Ipsen, President)

At the age of 20, Céline Gaudet decided to transform her passion for manga into a profession. She left Montreal to take courses under the direction of a Japanese manga teacher, at AAA-Ecole de Manga. She writes under the pseudonym Reptilian.

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