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Thought Leaders – Science in Society

This collaboration with the “College International de Philosophie”, based in Paris, facilitates the access to scientific knowledge by the public.
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Put talent first: Practical steps to eliminate gender bias in science

This live roundtable discussion addressed the continuing problem of gender-based discrimination in the sciences
Kid books

SciBooks for Children

A series of illustrated science books that relay biological and medical science for children aged 5-10.

Women in Science

Three stories about three women working in different scientific domains and the challenges they faced.
Life Manuals

Wounded Warriors: Movement skills manual

The Warrior Movement Screen is a book that explains different types of exercise for veterans.

Egalité in

Scientists offer solutions to make the world a better place.

Women in Science program

Fighting for gender equity in the scientific community

This program aimed to promote scientific women and to contribute to gender-equity in STEM by acting on both eductation and awareness of the entire scientific community

Child abuse prevention

Engagement in the La Crosse Child Maltreatment Conference

The Annual La Crosse Child Maltreatment conference provided education and training to professionals and community members who respond to child abuse/neglect.

in science

New discoveries and young scientists deserve to be better recognized.

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Exciting Biologies 2018: Biology of Time

Cell Press and Fondation Ipsen collaborated to gather renowened scientists to debate on cellular rhythmicity
Promoting young Scientists

Endocrinology prize 2018

This Fondation Ipsen award in Endocrinology was given during the last ICE conference