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L’Orphelin Revert

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By Simon LUCAS

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L’Orphelin Revert
La Course pour la vie d’un miraculé­­

by Simon Lucas (in collaboration with Claude Revert)
Foreword by Jean-Marie Bockel

Age: All ages
Pagination: 126 pages
Size: 130 x 200 mm
Language: French
Publication:  April 2023
ISBN: 978-2-493373-58-8 (POD)/ 978-2-493373-59-5 (ePub)

Claude Revert lives with Hirschsprung’s disease, a rare and disabling disease that destined him to immobility. Abandoned by his mother at birth, he underwent heavy surgeries from his first days of life, then was taken in by the social services. Illness, rejection and disability all marked a stolen childhood. From this suffering, Claude Revert drew an unfailing determination to move forward, becoming a marathon runner and flag bearer for the Ile-de-France Regional Olympic and Sports Committee.
After Coup droit pour un Revert, his first book published in 2011, he shares his memoirs here, under Simon Lucas’ pen, in order to raise public awareness of rare diseases and invisible disabilities and to denounce the biases of a society with inappropriate standards. But also to pass on his journey, and the hope of an always possible better future.

Simon Lucas is a trained art therapist and has a passion for acting. He has been practicing meditation since he was 15 years old and lived for two and a half years in a Buddhist monastery: Le Village des Pruniers.


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