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By Hey Gee

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by Hey Gee (with the kind collaboration of Gifty)

Age: 5-9 years old
Pagination: 40 pages
Size: 197 x 270 mm
Binding: Hardback
Languages: French (English version published by Mayo Clinic)
Publication: December 2023
ISBN: 978-2-38427-104-7 (printed book)/ 978-2-38427-105-4 (ePub)

Depression is more than feeling sad sometimes. For Bindu, depression can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning or focus at school. Even working on an exciting design project can be difficult, with emotions that go up and down.
But with treatment, Bindu is learning how to feel better. Find out how she copes with her mood disorder, with help from her support system, and discovers life beyond depression.

“Children’s voices are rarely heard amid the complexity of modern medicine. That’s why every story in the My Life Beyond series stems from the imagination and experience of a Mayo Clinic patient. The books were developed through collaboration between these patients, Mayo Clinic physicians and author-illustrator Hey Gee. Through this unique lens of inspiring real-life experiences, the series explores how children view illness, challenges and recovery.”
Fredric Meyer (MD, Consultant, Department of Neurologic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; Executive Dean of Education Professor of Neurosurgery, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science)
James A. Levine (MD, PhD), Professor, President, Fondation Ipsen, Paris, France) 

Hey Gee is a French and American author and illustrator. He began his career in 1998 in Paris, France. He also spent a few decades exploring the world of street art and graffiti in different European capitals. After moving to New York in 2008, he worked with many companies and brands, developing a reputation in graphic design and illustration for his distinctive style of translating complex ideas into simple and timeless visual stories. He is also the owner and creative director of Hey Gee Studio, a full-service creative agency based in New York City.

Gifty was born in 2007 in the Tobandu Refugee Camp in Sierra Leone. At birth she had problems with her liver. It soon became clear she would need a liver transplant to survive. This was not a possibility where she lived. Her only chance for survival was to be adopted to a country where she could have the surgery. With the help of an international organization, she was able to find a family in the United States and receive a transplant at age 2 1/2. However, five days after the transplant, Gifty had a massive hemorrhagic stroke. She was brought back in for emergency brain surgery. The stroke left her with physical disabilities and some cognitive impairment. Now a teenager, Gifty likes listening to music, writing poetry, creating fashion designs and taking part in social activism. Her hope and dreams are to have a place in this world and to find peace within herself.

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