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Traveling into the heart of cells, discovering a laboratory or following a guide to improve your health on a daily basis…Welcome to the Fondation Ipsen’s BookLab!

Our publications focus on collaborations between scientists, artists and publishers and are an invitation to discover science for all.

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Mister Cancer wants to occupy every space


Everything was fine in the human body until the day when a cell multiplied itself to occupy every space and become Mister Cancer. How will the immune system and Doctor Chemo Magician arrest Mister Cancer?

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Cadherin is looking for a friend


Cadherin is a small protein who wakes up one day and feels alone. She is near her house called, Golgi. She starts a journey across the universe called, Cell, looking for a friend…

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Kimy gives the alert


Kimy is a chemokine who lives in Alyssa’s body and helps her stay healthy. But, one day there is a red alert! Bacteria are trying to invade Alyssa’s skin!

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Exercise and Physical Activity: Your daily guide


This guide written in collaboration with the US National Institute of Ageing provides tips and exercises to help you stay healthy regardless of your budget and your age.

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Warrior Movement Screen

By Wounded Warriors Project

The Warrior Movement Screen is a book that explains different types of movements and physical maneuvers for veterans. This project was carried out in collaboration with the Wounded Warriors organization in the US.

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Glass ceiling


Meredith had failed her interview to head a research team. She started to doubt whether she could do it… How she could break this glass ceiling?

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Gender chaos


Nohr works as a young doctor in the emergency room. In this competitive environment, her fighting spirit and motivation have been put to the test.

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One of a kind


Ramona hopes to be succeed as an engineer. She accepts a mission on an offshore oil rig. Stereotypes and prejudices come thick and fast… but they haven’t heard the last of her yet…

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Science in poetry

By Ron Dudley a.k.a "Pookanu"

Mr Dudley’s perspective on science is unique, and it is a privilege for Fondation Ipsen to communicate his poems for free for the first time.

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