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Sickle Cells Disease

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By Hey Gee (with the collaboration of Golden Ella)

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by par Hey Gee (with the kind collaboration of Golden Ella)

Age: 5-9 years old
Pagination: 40 pages
Size: 197 x 270 mm
Binding: Hardback
Languages: French (English version published by Mayo Clinic)
Publication: December 2023
ISBN: 978-2-38427-106-1 (printed book)/ 978-2-38427-107-8 (ePub)

Arabella is excited when she’s invited to compete in international track and field races. She is also nervous. Living with sickle cell disease means Arabella needs to take extra steps to keep herself feeling good and avoid the pain that sometimes keeps her from training and racing. When traveling involves challenging temperatures and conditions, how can she race her best and come out on top?
Find out how Arabella uses healthy strategies — and a powerful new trick — to balance training, racing and her hobbies while she discovers life beyond sickle cell disease.

“Children’s voices are rarely heard amid the complexity of modern medicine. That’s why every story in the My Life Beyond series stems from the imagination and experience of a Mayo Clinic patient. The books were developed through collaboration between these patients, Mayo Clinic physicians and author-illustrator Hey Gee. Through this unique lens of inspiring real-life experiences, the series explores how children view illness, challenges and recovery.”
Fredric Meyer (MD, Consultant, Department of Neurologic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN; Executive Dean of Education Professor of Neurosurgery, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science)
James A. Levine (MD, PhD), Professor, President, Fondation Ipsen, Paris, France) 

Hey Gee is a French and American author and illustrator. He began his career in 1998 in Paris, France. He also spent a few decades exploring the world of street art and graffiti in different European capitals. After moving to New York in 2008, he worked with many companies and brands, developing a reputation in graphic design and illustration for his distinctive style of translating complex ideas into simple and timeless visual stories. He is also the owner and creative director of Hey Gee Studio, a full-service creative agency based in New York City.

Golden Ella was born in Rochester, Minnesota. She enjoys sports, riding her scooter, doing track and field, singing in the honors choir, performing in plays, getting rambunctious with her dog, Samson, and bossing her younger brother around. She became ill at 9 months old and stopped crawling and walking, due to a life-threatening case of osteomyelitis, an infection of the hip and pelvic bones, caused by sickle cell disease. Always a fighter, she worked her way to recovery through surgery, infusions and the medication hydroxyurea. She also credits dedicated care from her health care providers and love and support from her mom, dad, two older sisters, an older brother and a younger brother. She is determined to become a pediatrician focused on hematology and oncology to help other children like her and to find a cure for sickle cell disease.

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