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The Transformation

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By Kara7

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by Kara7 (with the kind collaboration of Ryadh Sallem)

Age: 10-15 years old
Pagination: 64
Format: 180 x 130 mm
Languages: English, French, Japanese
Publication: August 2021
978-2-490660-53-7 (ePub_French version)/ 978-2-490660-54-4 (ePub_English version)

Confined to a wheelchair following a life-changing accident, a former boxer turns to wheelchair rugby in order to rediscover his taste for competitions and victories. Claiming to be concerned only with the future, an exceptional situation will lead him to reconsider the road traveled.

Fascinated by manga’s history, its features, and in particular, the originality of animation, Kara7 grew an interest in drawing manga. After obtaining her baccalaureate (France’s equivalent of A-Levels), she decided to study at the AAA-École de Manga, thus beginning her adventure. Kara7 has been illustrating ever since, notably on social media (

Ryadh Sallem is a high-level Paralympic athlete, and initiator of humanitarian and associative projects aimed at combatting all forms of discrimination. President of CAPSAAA, organizer of the Defistival and of societal and cultural conferences, he is also the initiator of Educapcity, a large urban rally dedicated to 8-14 year olds. He also serves as a consultant to companies and the media, member of ROSIF and APELS, administrator of VIVRE FM, the Gécina Foundation, and Associate Manager of “Séquences Clés Production”…all to promote fraternity and living together in peace.

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