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S0ciety and INclusivity #1

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By Vincent Vidal

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… for S0ciety and INclusivity


Age: all ages
Pagination: 16 pages
Size: 350 x 270 mm
Language: French
Publication: December 2023

“At the heart of our society lies a treasure often overlooked: diversity. In this inaugural issue of SoIn for Society and Inclusivity, we delve into the essence of this wealth, exploring the many facets of inclusion.
Diversity is not just a fact, it’s a strength. It resides in each individual’s unique experiences, in the sometimes silent yet always powerful narratives that weave the fabric of our world.
From Ryadh Sallem’s ‘Living Together’ to the feared whispers of Hoshi, anonymous voices blend to resonate with human diversity. This journal is a call for open-mindedness, reflection, and action. Because inclusion goes far beyond mere words: it manifests in concrete initiatives, in small simple acts that transform our daily lives into a terrain where everyone finds their place, regardless of their uniqueness.
In this shared adventure, we invite you to embrace diversity as a source of understanding, growth, and inspiration. For in this diversity lies our true strength, our true humanity.” 
Céline Colombier-Maffre
Fondation Ipsen | BookLab

“We breath the same air; inclusivity in society is not just a virtue but the cornerstone of human understanding, unity and peace. The SoIn for Society and Inclusivity magazine helps shape a world where everyone’s voice and presence matter.”
James A. Levine
MD, PhD, President, Ipsen Foundation

Editorial Board
Vincent Vidal has been an independent journalist for over 30 years. He has worked for cinema, women’s, and children’s press. He now turns his focus to the world of antiques, antiquities, and design. Since 2017, he has been the editor-in-chief of the Journal du Village Saint-Martin, a publication dedicated to the 10th arrondissement of Paris. Vincent Vidal is also the author of about ten practical or historical books, including: La Petite Histoire du préservatif, Mode d’emploi du nouveau papa ou Habiter un souplex.

Ryadh Sallem is a board member of ‘Paris 2024’, a high-level athlete with 5 participations in the Paralympic Games (French swimming team, wheelchair basketball, and wheelchair rugby) and a leader in the SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy). This multi-champion in sports and life is known for the numerous battles and victories he achieves in the social and solidarity field. He initiates humanitarian and associative projects aiming to fight against all forms of discrimination, of which disability is a significant component, and founded CAPSAAA, a Parisian sports club and association dedicated to disability prevention and awareness. Organizer of the DEFISTIVAL, creator of the ‘Challenges of Civilizations,’ promoter of societal and cultural symposiums, he is also the originator of EDUCAPCITY, the great civic rally dedicated to 8-14 year olds. A humanist ‘serial entrepreneur’ who urges to reject any form of fatalism and has only one idea in mind: to promote brotherhood and peaceful living together.

Valérie Delattre is an archaeo-anthropologist at Inrap (National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research). She specializes in funeral and cultural practices from the Protohistory to the Middle Ages; she leads a national scientific research program dedicated to the archaeology of disability, intervenes in an associative framework, and within the CNCPH (National Consultative Council for Disability). She is notably the author of Il était une fois la différence. Les archéologues racontent le handicap, published by Actes Sud Jeunesse editions.

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