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Weaponizing science for the greater good

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Discover our webinars broadcasted by Science Magazine

The scientific method has been successfully applied to advance human health and well-being. The process of experimentation, ethical oversight, and critical review of empirical data enables verifiable truths to be uncovered and knowledge to be advanced. Can the same scientific method also be applied to issues of social justice and human rights? Can we use science to improve the well-being of abused children, to fight racism and hatred, and to stop the spread of fear and ignorance? This webinar examines the practice of applying scientific standards of data collection, analysis, and presentation to further social justice and serve core human rights.

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Jack Shonkoff, M.D. (Harvard Center on the Developing Child Cambridge, USA)

Marco Perduca (Luca Coscioni Association, Rome, Italy)

Amanda Klasing (Human Rights Watch, Washington, DC, USA)

Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Ph.D. (American University, Washington, DC, USA)

Moderator: Sean Sanders, Ph.D. (Science/AAAS, Washington, DC)

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