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Money matters: Science entrepreneurship

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Barely a decade ago it was almost inconceivable that a scientist could simultaneously conduct science and also own a business based upon that science. These days, entrepreneurship is a major source of scientific advancement as well as a mechanism for gaining personal wealth. Whether you view it as a good or bad thing, entrepreneurship is here to stay as a tool for driving scientific progress. How should we best handle entrepreneurship in science? What mistakes can scientists avoid when starting their business? How can universities and other institutions help scientists to be better entrepreneurs? What funding opportunities are available for startups in bioscience? Despite the potential negative impacts on the pursuit of pure science, many scientists want to become entrepreneurs, but don’t know how. Whether you are skeptical or curious, this webinar is for you.

This webinar was recorded in Paris and last for approximately 60 minutes.


Watch the webinar

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Xavier Duportet, Ph.D. (Eligo Bioscience/Hello Tomorrow, Paris, France)

Janice Limson, Ph.D. (Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa)

Bernhard Paetzold, Ph.D. (S-Biomedic, Antwerp, Belgium)

Sean Sanders, Ph.D. (moderator ; Science/AAAS, Washington, DC)


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