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Impulses, intent, and the science of evil

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There is a tacit assumption when it comes to the value of science: that it serves to improve the human enterprise. As humans, we believe that our fellow beings are predominantly motivated to do good. However, science has been used to design weapons of mass destruction and effective methods of torture. Furthermore, numerous investigators have dedicated their lives to the study of evil and what motivates bad actions. Can research into humankind’s most destructive inclinations help us become better people? In this webinar we examine the science of evil. We attempt to unpack the nature of evil and ask if we can eliminate it or whether indeed, we should. Does a science-driven adjustment of society toward good represent an exercise in social redesign that contravenes the essence of humanity—the constant struggle between good and evil? Can science act as an antidote to wrongdoing, or is it only a tool to be exploited by those who master it? Don’t dare miss this webinar!

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Gary Brucato, Ph.D.  Columbia University New York, NY

Abigail Marsh, Ph.D.  Georgetown University Washington, DC

Michael Stone, M.D.  Columbia University New York, NY

and Sean Sanders, Ph.D.  Science/AAAS Washington, DC (moderator)

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