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The Boccia Mountain

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By Reptilian (with the kind collaboration of Sonia Heckel)

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Ages: 10-15
Number of pages: 64
Format: 180 x 130 mm
Languages: English, French
Publication date: August 2021


Suffering from a rare degenerative disease which gradually paralyzes her, our heroine finds her strength in the sport of boccia – providing her with the will to fight and always surpass herself in order to reach the top by completing the Paralympic Games.


At the age of 20, Céline Gaudet decided to transform her passion for manga into a profession. She left Montreal to take courses under the direction of a Japanese manga teacher, at AAA-Ecole de Manga. She writes under the pseudonym Reptilian.


Sonia Heckel, a 31-year-old athlete from Nancy, France, has myopathy. This genetic disease prevents her muscles from regenerating, which, since the age of 13, has required use of an electric wheelchair. Sonia has been practicing Boccia since she was 18. She immediately fell in love with having to fight to ‘’score a point’’ and quickly understood that this sport suited her perfectly. To date, she is a triple French Champion, with her sports assistant, Florent Brachet, and European Team Champion. In parallel to her sporting career, Sonia is an Accounting Secretary at Vandoeuvre Nancy Volleyball. 

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