From grassroots to 30,000 feet: A discussion on the fate of graduate education

Our new webinar with AAAS/Science magazine will discuss graduate education.


November 21st – Noon (ET), 6 pm (CET)

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Education, like many facets of today’s society, is likely to fundamentally change in the lifetime of Generation Z (4–24 years old). The calcification of expensive universities providing an inflexible learning experience seems unavoidable unless they can transition toward a more flexible, effective, and cost-efficient educational environment. Additionally, the education system needs to better prepare students for a full range of career options, including those outside of the traditional academic track. This webinar draws together educational visionaries to conjecture the future of higher education and its impact on science learning and literacy. Is graduate education outdated and outmoded in the current context? Should tenure vanish? You cannot afford to miss this debate lest you get left behind.