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#3 – Jonas and the School of the Clouds

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In addition to the promise of a journey into the future, this episode 3 focuses on a group of rare immune diseases: hereditary immunodeficiency diseases. These disorders render all or a part of the immune cells non-functional.

This 3rd episode is divided into three parts. Have a good listening!


Part 1

Let’s find Jonas where we left him off, after having vanished in the middle of a Turbochair race. Jonas finally wakes up in his bed and has to head back to school. The day went well, even he thought a lot about what he went through. On the evening, he wants just one thing: to get back into the DNA vortex.

Part 2

In this part 2, Jonas has to solve a huge problem. Due to a mysterious rare disease, he has to deliver antibodies to his family (in this world), who live outside of school, on the ground. How will he do it? Will he be helped?


Part 3

In this final part of the episode 3, Jonas and Emma travel to Greenwich West to give the antibody vials to Jonas’ “parents”. For this journey out of school, the two friends will need to wear a very special suit!

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