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Discover our podcast on History of Science and on health made by Florian and Yannick.

Every month, I make a podcast to talk about 5 new research articles. In 10 minutes, I try to explain to you how scientific research advances our knowledge and improves the condition of millions of people, particularly those living with a rare disease.


January 2022

In this podcast, we explain 5 discoveries that have recently appeared and that caught my attention:

1 – A new therapeutic method to effectively limit the allergic response:

2 – A sociological study by INSERM on the sexual abuse of minors from 1950 to the present day:

3 – Toxoplasmosis parasites as cancer therapy:

4 – How associations of patients living with a rare disease can accelerate the development of treatments:

5 – How do mother bats teach their young to fly? :


February 2022

13 minutes to understand how discoveries advance our knowledge and open up new perspectives for curing the sick.

– Huntington’s disease: a disease which appears in adulthood but which starts at the fetal stage: Maladie-de-huntington-des-defauts-de-croissance- neurons-at-the-origin-of-early-abnormalities/

– HIV genes sleep for years in our cells: Why? What consequences?

– Patients with complete paralysis are able to walk again thanks to a technology developed thanks to the collaboration of scientists from different fields: spinal-cord-tailor-made-to-treat-paralysis

– The Epstein-Barr virus, hitherto considered not very dangerous, would be responsible for multiple sclerosis:

We end this episode by talking about the impact of the war in Ukraine on scientific research and scientists worldwide, in Russia and, of course, in Ukraine.



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