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Love & Endometriosis

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Discover our podcast on History of Science and on health made by Florian and Yannick.

For this podcast, I wanted to address the subject of love and sexuality in the context of endometriosis (or dyspareunias more generally (pain felt during intercourse)).

Indeed, the disease, apart from the pains associated with it, but also medical appointments, treatments, etc. inevitably cause a decrease in desire. To talk about it, I chose to invite Céline Dessaigne, sex therapist in Lyon, who notably supports patients within the “Endomaîtrise network”. This network, located in the region of Lyon (France), offers a multimodal patient monitoring program (gynecology, sophrology, couples therapy, sex therapy, etc.).

Thus, I was interested in sharing with you her expertise, her advices and her vision. How to find a normal life as a couple? How to adapt your sexuality? How to tell to our partner? How can he has his place in this path?

We approach the discussion with kindness and seriousness. A topic which is unfortunately still too taboo.

(In French only)


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