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Stories for children on Rare Diseases

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Discover our podcast on History of Science and on health made by Florian and Yannick.

For this podcast, I am delighted to invite Pr. Laurence OLIVIER FAIVRE and Ms. Sonia GOERGER. Dr Olivier-Faivre is responsible for the “Centre of Genetics for the diagnosis of rare diseases of genetic origin and the genetic predispositions to cancer”, in which Sonia Georger performs the function of medical secretary. Each patient who crosses the doors of this service, arrives with its history, its diseased gene(s) and its disease sometimes difficult to identify. All these paths made Sonia want to create the collection of children’s books “The Children of Genetics”. Books that allow you to talk about rare diseases to the sick of course, but also to brothers and sisters, cousins, friends and classmates. A great initiative to take a big step towards the inclusion of sick children or children with disabilities.


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