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Discover our scientific stories for children

Jonas and Abequa’s flowers

By Yannick

Discover the new story of Jonas, who will discover America and meet the Arapahos, native americans who grow the Abequa, a flower used as a medicine for curing people from a mysterious disease (rare...

#3 – Jonas and the School of the Clouds

By Yannick

Discover the 3rd episode of "The Adventures of Jonas". Jonas arrives at the "School of the Clouds", a futuristic place where we will live an adventure he won't...

#2 – Jonas and the Turbochair Race

By Yannick

After traveling through the DNA Vortex, Jonas finds himself in a room he doesn't know. On the wall, there are some posters representing champions of a very special car race: the Turbochair race. A...

#1 – Jonas and the DNA Vortex

By Yannick

Jonas is a 10-year-old schoolboy. He is curious and passionate about discoveries and inventions. One day, a genetics researcher comes to his school to give a talk on DNA and rare diseases. At the end...

Children and tabletts, the good and the evil !

By Yannick

It's always complicated to limit a child when he plays with his tablet. In this article, I explain the reasons (hidden in our brain) and give some...

How to explain Cancer to children – podcast

By Yannick

How to explain cancer to children ? find out a good start to explain the basis of this dramatic disease, with sweetness and...

Why do we have genes ? – podcast

By Yannick

Why do we have genes ? Why they are so important? A brief story for your children explaining them their roles in life...

Kimy sounds the alert – podcast

By Yannick

Kimy is a chemokine living in Alyssa’s body to help her to stay healthy. But, one day there is the red alert! Some bacteria are trying to invade Alyssa’s...

How to explain coronavirus to children?

By Yannick

Children have a lot of questions about the coronavirus crisis. Where is he from ? How do we protect ourselves from it? Why ? We have tried to answer all of these questions in a book for...

Stress and children

By Yannick

Stress is a defense mechanism to fight aggression and face new situations. However, when stress is chronic, the good effects disappear and different diseases can emerge. How does this affect...

Loane, 8 year old, talks about her allergies

By Yannick

We met Loane, 8 year old, who is allergic like many children. Mites, pollens, hay, eggs, sesame, nuts, ... she juggles with all this with...
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