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Comprendre les difficultés en maths des enfants dyspraxiques (avec la Dr. Alice Gomez)

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Discover our podcast on History of Science and on health made by Florian and Yannick.

With Dr. Alice Gomez (Claude Bernard University of Lyon 1), we discuss her work on a topic that is critical for many children: dyspraxia or motor coordination disorders.

About 5% of children suffer from dyspraxia, or one student per class. This disease is characterized by a disturbance in the ability to perform voluntary actions and activities. As a result, children will encounter many difficulties in their daily life and in their scholarship (reading, writing, mathematics). With Dr. Gomez, we come back to what conditions the learning of mathematics, the difficulties in mathematics of children with dyspraxia and how we can help them to overcome their difficulties. Good listening !

(podcast in french)

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