Peanut allergy: transforming the cause into a treatment

Croote et al. have identified, produced and modified peanut allergen-specific antibodies to use it as a therapy.

Lack of response to climate change will threaten both human lives and health systems

This report provides key elements to understand how human lives and health systems are threaten with climate change

In memoriam to Paul Kelly (1943-2018)

In memoriam to Pr. Paul Kellly, an internationally well-known endocrinologist who was also one of our regular collaborator
Novel therapeutics

A new hope for curing Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Dr. Maria Grazia Biferi (Centre of Research in Myology (CRM), Paris) and her team successfully designed, conceived and optimized a gene therapy protocol for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).
Gut microbiome

Feed your microbiome and Nurture your mind!

John F. Cryan presented during this TED conference his work on how gut bacteria influence our brain.
Gut microbiome

This microbiome that makes us obese

Dr. Christoph A. Thaiss has recently been awarded the "Grand Prize Translational Medicine" for highligthing temporal and spatial microbiome dynamics in people with obesity.