2019, the International Year of the Periodic Table of the Chemical Elements

Dmitri Mendeleïev published 150 years ago his first draft of the periodic table, which contained 63 elements.

Fever helps the immune system to battle infection

This article describes how fever promotes T lymphocyte transmigration and activation following infection.
Novel therapeutics

An engineered bacteria to prevent brain damages due to hyperammonemia

An engineered Escherichia coli lowered in vivo blood ammonia levels and prevent brain damages.

People with paralysis can control a tablet computer

An intracortical brain-computer interface to allow patients with paralysis to control tablets

Peanut allergy: transforming the cause into a treatment

Croote et al. have identified, produced and modified peanut allergen-specific antibodies to use it as a therapy.

Lack of response to climate change will threaten both human lives and health systems

This report provides key elements to understand how human lives and health systems are threaten with climate change