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The Race of a Lifetime

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By Kat-chan (with the kind collaboration of Renaud Clerc)

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Ages: 10-15
Number of pages: 64
Format: 180 x 130 mm
Languages: English, French
Publication date: August 2021


Between friendship, jealousy, competition and handicap, relationships are built and torn between athletes until they reach the Paralympic dream.


Kathleen Bausset graduated from AAA-Ecole de Manga, the first manga school in France. She publishes under the name Kat-chan online:

Passionate about sports, and French champion at the age of 18, Renaud Clerc is defined by four words: resilience, effort, sharing and hard-work. A law student, this disabled athlete keeps his eyes forward. At the end of the race, perhaps a medal at the Paralympic Games? And, without a doubt, the beginning of new challenges.

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