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With a focus on rare diseases, inclusion and disability, BookLab publishes scientific books for the public. Our publications are developed in collaboration with scientists, artists and writers. Available in several languages, many of our publications are distributed for free in numerous countries. For more information, download our catalogue.

Paralympic Games

By Kara7, Kat-chan & Reptilian

Download :

Special Edition – Trilogy

Kara7, Kat-chan, Reptilian (with the kind collaboration of Renaud Clerc, Sonia Heckel and Ryadh Sallem)

Ages: 10-15

Number of pages: 192

Format: 180 x 130 mm

Cover: Paperback

Languages: English, French, Japanese

Publication date: August 2021


ISBN: 978-2-490660-42-1 (printed book in French)/ 978-2-490660-82-7 (PDF version in French)/ 978-2-490660-80-3 (printed book in English)/ 978-2-490660-81-0 (PDF version in English)

This new manga trilogy, dedicated to the Paralympic Games, was produced thanks to the support of France’s Paralympic Sports Committee and in collaboration with three French Paralympic athletes. Renaud Clerc (athletics), Sonia Heckel (boccia) and Ryadh Sallem (wheelchair rugby) met with Kat-chan, Reptilian and Kara7. From their collaboration together, three original stories were born: Race of a Lifetime, Boccia Mountain, and Transformation, brought together here for a special edition, and printed for the Tokyo Games.

“The French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF) leads France’s Paralympic team to the Games. Paralympic manga are a unique opportunity to discover and learn more about sports that are still mostly unknown. And, through an original medium, linking the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games with those of Paris 2024, along with all Paralympic athletes.”

Marie-Amélie Le Fur (President of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee)

“Becoming an Olympic or Paralympic athlete requires total commitment of time, of heart, of intellect and spirit. Athletes who perform at this level are heroes. Join us in these manga books inspired by real life Olympians, and learn what it takes to become the best in the world.”

James  A.  Levine (MD, PhD, Professeur, Fondation Ipsen, Président)

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