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With a focus on rare diseases, inclusion and disability, BookLab publishes scientific books for the public. Our publications are developed in collaboration with scientists, artists and writers. Available in several languages, many of our publications are distributed for free in numerous countries. For more information, download our catalogue.

Glass ceiling

By Emilie TOSELLO (in collaboration Dr Olga MARKOVA)

Download :

Age: 10-15 years old
Pagination: 64 pages
Size: 180 x 130 mm
Binding: Paperback
Language: French, English, Spanish
Publication: January 2019
ISBN: 978-2-490660-02-5 (printed book_French version)/ 978-2-490660-11-7 (ePub_French version)/ 978-2-490660-20-9 (ePub_English version)


“Thank you, good-bye …”, Meredith could not answer otherwise when she was told at the other end that she did not get the job she wanted. “Research team leader,” she knows, though, this kind of promotion is hard to get right off the bat. Nevertheless, doubt settles … Is she really up to her ambitions? As the days go by, the eyes of others become heavier and heavier. Will she find the strength to dispel prejudices and break the glass ceiling that hangs over her head?


Passionated about manga since childhood Emilie Tosello developed her technique with a Japanese manga teacher in Paris, at AAA-Ecole de Manga. The heroine of Glass ceiling is based upon her own experiences.

Biophysicist at École Polytechnique, Olga Markova works at the interface between physics and biology, on the functioning of the cell. She also graduated from the Kyiv School of Art and exhibits her paintings in France and Ukraine.

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