One of a kind

One of a kind


In the industrial group Le Plénier®, Ramona is struggling to find her place. In the hope of finally being recognized for her work as an engineer, she accepts a multi-month mission aboard an oil rig. Stuck in the middle of the sea, in the midst of unscrupulous colleagues, things are not going according to plan. Stereotypes, prejudices and insensitive comments come thick and fast… but they haven’t heard the last of her yet…



At the age of 20, Céline GAUDET decided to transform her passion for manga into a profession. She left Montreal to take courses under the direction of a Japanese manga teacher, at AAA-Ecole de Manga. She writes under the pseudonym REPTILIAN. One of a kind is her first published volume.

Scientific advisor: Claire Peytavin

Claire Peytavin is a structural engineer who works in the oil sector. One of a kind is inspired by her experiences. Mother of two daughters, she hopes that this manga will help open doors for future generations of women.



The ʺManga Libraryʺ series

Awakening young people to scientific issues that impact society

Each year, the Ipsen Foundation launches a thematic program, publishing a trilogy of mangas made in partnership with AAA, Ecole de Manga, Paris. Each book is the result of a collaboration between a scientist and a mangaka.

Self-published and self-distributed, the books are distributed free on request, and accompanied by an educational kit for free download.

Program 2018

The Ipsen Foundation is committed to increasing the presence and visibility of women in science and publishes three mangas featuring female scientists confronting the prejudices and stereotypes they each face in their field.


With this action, the Ipsen Foundation intends to sensitize teenagers on the subject to remove persistent barriers and biases.


Age: 10-15 years old

Pagination: 64 pages

Size: 180 x 130 mm

Binding: Paperback

Language: French

Publication: January 2019


ISBN: 978-2-490660-00-1

(printed book)
978-2-490660-09-4 (ePub)