Glass ceiling

Glass ceiling


“Thank you, good-bye …”, Meredith could not answer otherwise when she was told at the other end that she did not get the job she wanted. “Research team leader,” she knows, though, this kind of promotion is hard to get right off the bat. Nevertheless, doubt settles … Is she really up to her ambitions? As the days go by, the eyes of others become more and more heavy. Will she find the strength to dispel prejudices and break the glass ceiling that hangs over her head?


Mangaka: Emilie Tosello

Passionated about manga since childhood Emilie Tosello developed her technique with a Japanese manga teacher in Paris, at AAA-Ecole de Manga. The heroine of Glass ceiling is based upon her own experiences.


Scientific advisor: Dr Olga Markova (Curie Institute, Paris)

Biophysicist, Dr Olga Markova investigates cell mechanisms at Institut Curie. Her scientific background inspired the story of Glass ceiling.
She graduated from the Kiev School of Art and has exhibited her paintings in France and Ukraine.


The ʺManga Libraryʺ series

Awakening young people to scientific issues that impact society.

Each year, the Ipsen Foundation launches a thematic program, publishing a trilogy of mangas made in partnership with AAA, Ecole de Manga, Paris. Each book is the result of a collaboration between a scientist and a mangaka.

Self-published and self-distributed, the books are distributed free on request, and accompanied by an educational kit for free download.


 Program 2018

The Ipsen Foundation is committed to increasing the presence and visibility of women in science and publishes three mangas featuring female scientists confronting the prejudices and stereotypes they each face in their field.

With this action, the Ipsen Foundation intends to sensitize teenagers on the subject to remove persistent barriers and biases.


Age: 10-15 years old

Pagination: 64 pages

Size: 180 x 130 mm

Binding: Softcover

Couverture : Souple

Language: Français

Publication date: January 2019

Free of charge

ISBN: 978-2-490660-02-5