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Unmasking mental health issues faced by scientists: Addressing the silent pain among us

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Science is built upon a foundation of the thoughts and inventions of its practitioners. The entire enterprise of scientific research—from hypothesis generation and experimental design, to manuscript preparation and grant funding—arises out of the mind-work of those who choose science as a career. With the mind being held in such high regard, it is no surprise that scientists rarely speak of their anguish when suffering from mental illness. This webinar seeks to address the issue of mental health in the scientific community candidly and openly. It is critical that scientific leadership and mental health professionals recognize that scientists, like all members of society, deserve the freedom to have mental illness recognized and treated without fear of repercussion or stigma. It is essential for the scientific community to show compassion and support to all of its members who are enduring mental illness, from undergraduates to professors.


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Jennifer Howes, Ph.D. (California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA)

Frederik Anseel, Ph.D. (King’s College London London, UK)

Nathan Vanderford, Ph.D. (University of Kentucky Lexington, USA)

Charles Hoogstraten, Ph.D. (Michigan State University East Lansing, USA)

Moderator: Sean Sanders, Ph.D. (Science/AAAS, Washington, DC)

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