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When artificial intelligence helps the development of new therapies

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Discover our podcast on History of Science and on health made by Florian and Yannick.

Artificial intelligence is now essential in our daily lives (social network algorithms, image analyzes, translation tools, etc.). But do you have any idea of ​​its scope in medicine or biomedical research? With my guest, David Del Bourgo, we discussed why and how AI and deep learning are used in medicine or medical research, especially for the development of innovative therapies, like gene therapy for rare diseases or cell therapy for the treatment of certain cancers. I hope you enjoy this interview, as much as I did when I recorded it with David! Happy listening to all of you!

David Del Bourgo has devoted his career to the development of technologies or biotechnologies dedicated to medical imaging or therapy. He is now the CEO of White Lab Genomics, a stat-up based at Génopôle d’Evry and Station F, which created Catalyst, an algorithm to facilitate the development of new therapies.

(Podcast in French)

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