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With a focus on rare diseases, inclusion and disability, BookLab publishes scientific books for the public. Our publications are developed in collaboration with scientists, artists and writers. Available in several languages, many of our publications are distributed for free in numerous countries. For more information, download our catalogue.

Little Issue #1

By Little Issue

Learn measurements, be cautious about household hazards or explore the wonders of science... Little Issue invites children to discover the world around...

Little Issue #2

By Little Issue

Swim safely, make the water clean or win the race against Coronavirus... Little Issue accompanies you for a beginning of the year placed under the sign of...

Little Issue #3

By Little Issue

Fill up on surprises, find out why blood is red and memorize basic hygiene gestures in this new issue of Little...

Little Issue #4

By Little Issue

Find out what kind of friend you are, learn geometry and good eating habits for good health with this new Little Issue!...
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