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L’Odyssée artistique des enfants

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By Dimitri Zegboro

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L’Odyssée artistique des enfants

Le Voyage extraordinaire de Camille


Age: 5-9 ans
Pagination: 56 pages
Size: 297 x 210 mm
Binding: Broché
Languuage: Français
Publication: July 2023
978-2-38427-129-0 (printed book)/ 978-2-38427-130-6 (ePub)

This book is the result of workshops carried out as part of L’Odyssée Artistique des Enfants, an event that brought together 12 artists in 12 university hospitals across France. It’s a fictional account of Camille, a child suffering from a rare disease. He falls asleep wherever he goes. Where many would see this as a weakness, he sees it as a strength. For him, it’s an opportunity to escape into different worlds, full of adventure and epic encounters. Along the way, Camille encounters children and people with disabilities that are visible at times, invisible at others.

Dimitri Zegboro was born in 1992. An illustrator for children’s literature and a Master 2 student at the Beaux-Arts de Paris in Joann Sfar’s studio, he teaches children’s comics and for several years has been producing works in collaboration with his younger brother, a non-verbal autistic, for whom art is a genuine means of expression.

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