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Deciphering the difference

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By Under the direction of Valérie DELATTRE and Ryadh SALLEM

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Age: All ages
Pagination: 200 pages
Format: 297 x 210 mm
Language: French
Publication:  June 2022
ISBN: 978-2-490660-63-6 (ePub)

How can we decipher such human behaviors as exclusion, inclusion, acceptance, care or even valorization? These omnipresent and current questions have been combined with the past thanks to the reinterpreted or unpublished work of some thirty researchers, historians, archaeologists, anthropologists and sociologists. Intended for all readers, specialists and the general public, this book is a scientific, archaeological and historical reading of the place of people with disabilities in past communities and invites us to take another look at the place that contemporary society grants them today.


Valérie Delattre is an archaeo-anthropologist at INRAP (National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research). She is a specialist in funerary and cultural practices from Protohistory to the Middle Ages; she is also very involved in the field of disability within the associative framework.

 Ryadh Sallem is a high-level Paralympic athlete, initiator of humanitarian and associative projects aimed at fighting against all forms of discrimination. Director General of CAPSAAA, organizer of the Defistival and of societal and cultural symposiums, he is also the initiator of Educapcity, a major urban rally dedicated to 8-14-years old. He is also a consultant for companies and the media, a member of CROSIF and APELS, director of VIVRE FM and the Gécina foundation and associate manager of “Séquences Clés Production”… all to promote fraternity and living together in peace.

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