Little Issue #2

Little Issue #2
By The Big Issue South Africa

Improve literacy and scientific knowledge to 6-9 years old and provide educational material for free.

The Little Issue is an initiative launched by The Big Issue South Africa, in collaboration with Fondation Ipsen, in order to improve literacy and scientific knowledge of 6-9 years old children. It consists in the publication of a quarterly magazine for children (6-9 years old), to be distributed for free in schools and at home to help families who cannot afford educational materials. A one-year pilot is being implemented in Cape Town area. Moreover, Fondation Ipsen aims to make the Little Issue available in France and Francophone countries.


Age: from 6 years old

Pagination: 44 pages

Size: 273 x 210 mm

Binding: Booklet

Language: French

Publication: May 2020