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Rare Disease Discovery: Innovations in Diagnostics and Therapeutics

The UCSF Catalyst Program, with Fondation Ipsen, welcomes you to a one-day virtual rare disease symposium with a focus on the interdisciplinary development of new diagnostics, new therapeutics and social advances for patients and families

Accelarating the dissemination of knowledge on rare disease

This program aims to develop Orphanet’s rare disease ecosystem knowledge base and producing the rare disease community’s newsletter, OrphaNews International

Improve visibility of patients living with a rare disease

This complete program focused on patients living with a rare disease is carried out in collaboration with Eurordis, the european non-profit alliance of 984 rare disease patient organisations from 74 countries.

UNESCO Science Report

Fondation Ipsen and UNESCO partnered for the publication of the Science report "A race against time for a smarter development".

New manga book series: Athletes living with disabilities

Our new series of manga books will focus on athletes living with disabilities and highlight their lives as top ranking athletes.

Science Webinars: rare disease diagnosis

These international webinars gather the world's leading scientists to discuss how to improve rare disease detection.

Reaching children in underserved communities ​

Little Issue is a free magazine distributed in underserved communities to raise awareness about health issues.

Engaging journalists to report about rare diseases

Gathering journalists, patients and experts to raise awareness about rare disease detection.

Children’s books on rare diseases

A professional artist collaborates with pediatric patients to bring their experiences to life.

Patient advocacy groups

Fondation Ipsen offers micro-grants to patient advocacy groups to help them promote their mission.

Rare disease: Needs assessment

We do not know the answers, and so we are asking the rare disease community what it needs.
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