The science of incarceration: A realistic look at the cost of imprisonment

Our new webinar with AAAS/Science magazine will discuss incarceration and prisonner conditions.


December 4th – Noon (ET), 6 pm (CET)

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When a person commits a crime and is incarcerated, they are displaced to an environment that in theory should be designed to effect long-lasting behavioral change whereby criminality does not recur. But is this the reality? When a human being is forcibly detained, what are the impacts on their behavioral and mental health, their physiology and neurochemistry? What can we learn from the science of incarceration that better informs us about crime prevention and recidivism reduction? What can studies on incarceration teach us about how people respond to their environments, good or bad? In this webinar, the expert panel will tackle these difficult issues that compel us to examine how society’s need for redress can be balanced with our moral obligation to treat all human beings with respect and dignity.

This webinar will last for approximately 60 minutes.