Fiscal fitness for scientists: The price you pay for ignorance

Our new webinar with AAAS/Science magazine will discuss financial difficulties of scientists.


December 18th – Noon (ET), 6 pm (CET)

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After a decade of study and educational costs approaching half a million U.S. dollars, a young scientist endures a life of endless hours, high stress, and low pay. Furthermore, the life of a junior scientist is one of frequent relocation, often abroad. Advancement up the scientific career ladder is fraught with high stress: the need to publish, raise grant funding, and achieve tenure. Despite low pay, the long work hours make obtaining a secondary income difficult or impossible. How can a young scientist save money, organize a retirement account, and financially plan for a comfortable life and retirement? The financial pressures of being a scientist are not limited to youngsters—with tenure becoming more difficult and likely to disappear, many more senior scientists have little or no financial security either. Is poverty the right price to pay for a career in science? Listen to this webinar to get fiscally fit.

This webinar will last for approximately 60 minutes.