Women in Science program

Women still account for a minority in Science since they just represent 30% of the world’s researchers. They are also disadvantaged in hiring, getting a promotion, awarding of grants or inviting to conferences. Moreover, the proportion of female authors and reviewers in high level scientific journals is still low. This under-representation negatively affects the careers of thousands of female scientists and the advancement of science globally.

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Fondation Ipsen is now engaged to renew the visibility of women in STEM, medicine and global health, by acting at different levels:

Our actions

– Education: Manga Books (January 2019)

Stories about women working in various scientific fields and who have to faced of biases, stereotypes…Read more

– Raising Awareness in the scientific community: Webinar: Put talent first Practical steps to eliminate gender bias in science (July 2018)

A live roundtable organized with Science magazine with four experts in gender bias in science…Watch the webinar