Bridging Biomedical Worlds 2018 meeting

Genome Editing: The Next Frontier

As international collaborations in new and exciting research fields are forged between East and West, it seemed fitting for Fondation Ipsen and the American Association for the Advancement of Science to launch this  “Bridging Biomedical Worlds” conferences series. With these international conferences, to be held in different countries in Asia, we hope not only to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about important advances in key research areas but also to boost communication and cooperation among researchers, clinicians, and industry scientists from East and West.

The discovery of CRISPR/Cas, a natural immune defense system in bacteria, has revolutionized genome editing enabling precise and highly efficient cutting and splicing of genomes from across the animal and plant kingdoms. The meeting covered a broad range of topics including the next generation of genome editing tools, and their applications in scientific discovery and therapy.