Biological Complexity 2018 meeting

Biology of Time

Last January, in association with the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the scientific journal AAAS/Science, Fondation Ipsen organized the 12th symposium of the “Biological Complexity” Series, entitled “Biology of Time”. Among the invited speakers, we were honored to welcome Pr. Michael Rosbash (Brandeis University, USA), 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine laureate.

Daily, lunar or seasonal cycles are biological phenomena such as leafing, sleep, metabolic cycles, animal migrations which emanate all from endogenous biological clocks. This implies that the rhythmicity of these physiological processes is governed by the temporal modulation of gene expression programs. This symposium has been designed to better understand the molecular nature of biological clocks and how they modulate the cellular and organismal daily rhythms. Among the prestigious speakers, Pr. Michael Rosbash (Brandreis University, USA) is one of the pioneer researchers who deciphered these mechanisms.


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