Together, let’s leave a trace of our fight against Coronavirus

Fondation Ipsen, placed under the aegis of Fondation de France, launched today, Monday, March 23, 2020, the “Let’s leave a trace” campaign. The goal is to collect texts, photos or drawings from individuals during this confinement period. Fondation Ipsen will produce a free book to keep track of this period of struggle against this invisible enemy.
Let’s leave a trace
The health crisis we are experiencing is not the first that humanity has gone through. However, this situation remains unprecedented for almost all the inhabitants of the planet. Today, all citizens of our country, as in so many others, are obliged to stay in their homes to resist in the face of this Coronavirus. This is how we will win.
However, what will be left of this episode when all of this will be over?
In this context, Fondation Ipsen, under the aegis of Fondation de France, remains faithful to its mission of sharing scientific knowledge. It is proposing to carry out a collective work, free of charge, which will leave a trace of this period of confinement. Thus, you can send us texts (about 250 words or half a page), photos, drawings, poems, letters, lyrics, etc. Whatever your age, let’s all share testimonies, reflections , doubts, fears, humour, hopes. We will compile all this in a book that we will send free of charge to libraries, schools, retirement homes, prisons, hospitals, associations, etc. We will send our collective work to all establishments that request it and in which books circulate. Also, the book will also be available in digital format for free (ebook).
Please send your contribution to Each document will be signed in this way: first name, first letter of your name, age, city (Example: Martin B., 40 years old, Paris). However, you can choose to remain anonymous (please let us know in your message).
Let us show future generations how we have stood up to the Coronavirus!