Scientific books for children
with Institut Curie

Esprits CURIEux Collection

Several scientists from the Institut Curie and local artists have joined forces to transmit scientific knowledge to children. This is why the “Esprit CURIEux” book collection was created. Inspired by real scientific data, these original and playful stories describe important biological mechanisms (immune system, cell proteins, brain, etc.).

The “Esprit CURIEux” collection, published by Le Buveur d’Encre, started in 2018 with the publication of three books “Cadherin is looking for a friend”, “Kimy gives the alert!” and “Mr. Cancer wants to occupy every space”. By 2022, it is expected that this collection will include twenty publications. The books are available in bookstores and online and sales revenue is reinvested in the development of the collection (new titles, reprints).

Esprits CURIEux series