Paris Accord in Science
– a world media event

The National Press Foundation and The Fondation Ipsen plan together to select and educate a delegation of the world’s leading journalists in Paris to focus on Science. The goal of this meeting is to complete the Paris Accord in Science whereby scientific experts interact with world-class journalists in order to better communicate Science to People (“The Paris Accord in Science”), which is the primary mission of Fondation Ipsen.


The objectives of the Paris Accord in Science are the following:

  • Provide newly published scientific information to world-class journalists;
  • Enable a cohort of world-class journalists to interact with worldwide leading scientific authorities;
  • Examine issues in science that are of paramount importance to people;
  • Examine the value of science as a vehicle for advancing health well-being and literacy throughout the world;
  • Promote scientific communication on a global platform


The activities of the Paris Accord in Science are the following:

  • Journalists will interact with scientists to advance media engagement in science;
  • Journalists will gain training in science, in part through the opportunities to interact directly with scientific groups;
  • Journalists will experience, in-person, critical elements of the French scientific infrastructure;
  • Information will be made available online after the event