Discovering science through theatre


The « Impromptus Scientifiques » are spectacular theatre events which set the scene for a scientist to discuss his research with the public. The scientist’s work is played by the “Group n+1” of the Company “Les Ateliers du Spectacle”. In these shows, science and poetry are mixed to transmit the passion of science with a sensitive and creative approach. These consequently do not correspond to academic lectures, but, on the contrary, the association of a scientist with an artist opens the gate to a unique space of creativity. Each performance is divided in two: 30 minutes of performance and 30 minutes of questions. These plays will be played within the framework of student and scientific events opened to the public.


Nine performances will be organized in 2019:

In principles! (Informatics; organized 3 times);

the thermophysics of innovation; fire ;

in force (Neuroscience);

everything is going too fast…then slow down (scientific thought in Neurosciences);

hearing voices (brain diseases);

Geometry and Chaos (Mathematics)


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