Article of the week : Gut microbes may help malnourished children

Every week we select one paper from the scientific press.


July 12th

Gut microbes may help malnourished children

Malnourished children, even after getting enough food, suffered from dramatic health problems. They don’t grow normally, their brains don’t develop properly, and they remain susceptible to diseases. In the latest issue of Science magazine, two studies show that fostering the right gut microbes may help these children to recover.

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July 5th

The future of Art ?

The first humanoid robot artist, Ai-Da, dabbles in drawing, painting and sculpturing. The robot has been conceived in collaboration with artists, curators, computer scientists from the universities of Oxford and Leeds, and Cornwall-based company Engineered Arts.

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June 28th

Targeting drugs for tuberculosis

Tuberculosis causes more than 1 million deaths worldwide every year. The prevalence of resistance is alarming, ∼20% of deaths. Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections are particularly hard to treat due to heterogeneous lesions which limit contact with antibiotics. Greenwood et al. describe in Science Magazine this week “how drug-lipid binding is a promising mechanism for delivering drugs to infected sites”.

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