How to find and understand a scientific information?

Scientific papers show results and knowledge obtained by a scientific team and are published in a scientific journal. These information sources are actually much more reliable than others, because they need to be validated throughout a process of peer-review prior publication. In most cases, during this revision stage, by at least two experts of the domain, some modifications are suggested or in the worst case scenario the paper is rejected.


You can find scientific articles by using the following databases:

Pubmed Google scholar Science direct


Journal ranking

Journal ranking is a commonly used reference in academia allowing to evaluate the impact and quality of a journal. These rankings reflect the importance of a journal and are proportional to the difficulty of being published in it. So, we can expect to find very relevant information in a very well-ranked journal.

Where can I find journal ranking?



What are the different sections of a scientific paper?


A short summary of all the relevant information (introduction, method, main results, conclusion) contained within the paper. Abstracts are generally available for free.


This part generally presents the state of past and current research and the context of the study.

Material & Methodes

The section details the experimental procedures used for the study.


This part shows the work carried out (figures and description).


This section allow the authors to contextualize the results they obtained and whey they are meaningful for the scientific community.


List of articles cited in the paper.


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