#2 – Jonas and the Turbochair Race

By Yannick

Through this new series of this “Science Corner”, dedicated to children and to all those who, like me, have remained one, I wanted to address the subject of difference and tolerance, in the framework of rare diseases. These mainly affect children and unfortunately, they sometimes do not have the chance to have a normal education and to be able to do the activities that they like.

So, set off on a trip with Jonas without delay, who will meet incredible people and cross imaginary worlds where science, magic, science-fiction, friendships, etc. become reality. Have a nice trip!


Episode 2 – Jonas and the Turbochair race (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy)

After traveling through the DNA Vortex, Jonas finds himself in a room he doesn’t know. On the wall, there are some posters representing champions of a very special car race: the Turbochair race. A little further on, he hears a lot of roaring… Could it be Turbochairs?… Good listening!