Child abuse prevention



The Annual La Crosse Child Maltreatment conference provides education and training to professionals and community members who respond to child abuse/neglect needs including medical and mental healthcare providers, social workers in schools, healthcare and human services, educators and administrators, childcare providers, law enforcement, youth-serving organizations, health and human service providers, advocacy programs and faith-based organizations.

The 2018 conference was focused on responding to and understanding child death investigations. The role of the multidisciplinary team across the various disciplines and agencies including child protective services, courts, law enforcement and health/behavioural health settings was discussed. The second day included identifying sentinel injuries to ensure child abuse is not missed in the medical setting, substance use by parents and impact on children’s safety and development needs, ethical dilemmas in child abuse issues, working with parent who chose to withhold lifesaving medical care on religious grounds, spiritual impact on child abuse forensic interviews, court room testimony, abusive head trauma and strategies for prevention, medical neglect, issues with Wisconsin’s UCHIP response, interviewing individuals with disabilities and helping children heal from trauma and loss.