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Meetings and access to the history of Science

Fondation Ipsen collaborates with the CIP (“College International de Philosophie”), based in Paris. We support an ambitious program that facilitates the access to scientific knowledge by the public.

Program 1: Access to thousand of hours of audio archive
The CIP, with Fondation Ipsen support, has an audio archive of 4,000 hours that will be made accessible to the public. This is a most valuable archive of French scientific theory.

These archives were released in November 2018 and are available to the public.

The inauguration ceremony was organized at UNSECO.

Program 2: Delivering 75 research seminars per year
The CIP and Fondation Ipsen offer 75 research seminars per year (representing around 300 seminar sessions) taught by 52 researchers, doctors, secondary school and university professors and artists. 15 international colloquia in France and abroad will be also organized in 2019.

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Program 3: The Archive project
An international workgroup entitled “The Archive Project”, brings together institutes such « Le Louvre », « Bibliothèque Nationale de France », « Institut National de l’audiovisuel » (INA), « New York Public Library », « Université Nanterre », « Université Paris 8 », « Princeton University », « Columbia University », « UC Irvine », « Kingston University London », « Archives Nationales », « Archives diplomatiques du Ministère des Affaires étrangères », « Archives de l’Académie des Sciences », « Musée National de l’Histoire de l’Immigration ». We bring together archivists and researchers to examine current technological developments of archive production and conservation and some of the societal and political issues related to them.