Warrior Movement Screen

Warrior Movement Screen
By Wounded Warriors Project

Warrior Movement Screen 

Developed and produced in collaboration with the US-based non-profit Wounded Warriors Project (501c3), the Warrior Movement Screen features a variety of movement and physical exercises for veterans. A twelve-week program is detailed to correct, in the long term, the bad postures and the muscular weaknesses. Nutritional advice, rules for proper hydration, and a series of worksheets complete the guide, making it a great tool for any trainer.


Pagination: 52 pages

Size: 297 x 210 mm

Language: Anglais

Publication: 2019


The Wounded Warrior Project

For every soldier, the return to civilian life is an important moment, often difficult, always different. The Wounded Warrior Project accompanies soldiers in this new phase of their lives and offers them the means to begin the journey of recovery.


The ʺLife Manualsʺ series

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Self-published and self-disseminated, the manuals are distributed as a free supplement to the street newspaper Macadam MI and upon request.