SciBooks for Children

Journeys in the human body – Coming soon

This science communication project uses art and science to increase general public interest in fundamental science and recent discoveries. In collaboration with Institut Curie (Paris), Fondation IPSEN is creating a series of illustrated science based books that accurately relay biological and medical science for children. Our audience is 3-5 year old children who are surrounded by teachers, medical teams, parents and relatives. The originality of the project is that proteins and molecules are the heroes of the stories. The stories are told within the environment of the cell.

The books will increase awareness of science by people (children, teachers, medical teams, parents and relatives) and help people can understand intricate biology. Practically, the books explain illness to children and we hope that this will improve health behaviours (e.g. prevention of sun associated damage and the benefit of hand washing).

This series of science books for children has been developped with three researchers from the Institut Curie: Inna Kuperstein, Marine Stefanutti and Olga Markova.


Discover the three first books

Cadherin is looking for a friend

How proteins move?

By Olga Markova

Cadherin is a small protein waking up one day and feeling terribly alone near her house named “Golgi”. She refused much longer her loneliness and start a journey across this universe called “Cell”, looking for a friend. Guess who between the “Wise Nucleus”, “Blue Vesicle” or “Mrs. Mitochondria”, who will help her to accomplish her destiny and find hers…



Mister Cancer wants to occupy every space

Story of a disrupted cell

By Inna Kuperstein

Everything was fine in the universe of the human body until the day when a cell was disrupted, multiplied itself and became Mister Cancer. Discover in this story, how the immune system and Doctor “Chemo Magician” will try to arrest Mister Cancer and keep him from occupying every space…



Kimy gives the alert

Story of the immune system

By Marine Stefanutti

Kimy is a chemokine living in Alyssa’s body to help her to stay healthy. But, one day…It’s the red altert! Some bacteria are trying to invade Alyssa’s skin! Discover how Kimy and her friends, the leukocytes, will keep these bacteria away!!