SciBooks for Children

Journeys in the human body – December 2018

This project from our Book Lab’ was born from the collaboration of Institut Curie (Paris) with Fondation Ipsen and consists in the publication in December 2018 of illustrated science books that relay biological and medical science for children. Discover these original stories where proteins and molecules are the heroes (for children aged 3-10). 


This series of science books for children has been developed with researchers from Institut Curie (Paris): Dr.Inna Kuperstein, Dr.Marine Stefanutti and Dr.Olga Markova.


Discover the books

Cadherin is looking for a friend

How proteins move in the cell?

By Olga Markova

Cadherin is a small protein waking up one day and feeling terribly alone near her house named “Golgi”. She refused much longer her loneliness and start a journey across this universe called “Cell”, looking for a friend…Order




Mister Cancer wants to occupy every space

Story of a disrupted cell

By Inna Kuperstein

Everything was fine in the human body until the day when a cell  multiplied itself to occupy every space and became Mister Cancer. How the immune system and Doctor “Chemo Magician” will arrest Mister Cancer?Order




Kimy gives the alert

Story of the immune system

By Marine Stefanutti

Kimy is a chemokine living in Alyssa’s body to help her to stay healthy. But, one day…It’s the red altert! Some bacteria are trying to invade Alyssa’s skin!Order