X=Y=Equity in Science

Manga books – January 2019

The lack of diversity in Science is an impediment for innovation.

In 2019, we will publish three manga books about women working in science. This brought scientists and young manga authors together, to promote scientific careers in women.


Discover our three Manga books

One of a kind


Ramona hopes to be acknowledged as  an engineer. She accepted a mission on an offshore oil rig. Stereotypes, prejudices and insensitive comments come thick and fast… but they haven’t heard the last of her yet…


Gender chaos

By Kathleen BAUSSET

Nohr works as a young doctor in the emergency room. In this competitive environment, her fighting spirit and motivation have been put to the test. During a stormy evening, Maxence’s mind, her colleague and rival, has been transfered into her brain. How these two souls will work together to save patient lives?


Glass ceiling


Meredith had failed her interview to head a research team. She started to doubt whether she could do it… How she could break this glass ceiling?