Women in Science – Manga books

Women in Science – Coming soon

During the 21st century, we will face many challenges, including water resources, health, energy or global warming. These challenges require the implementation of innovative studies and technological solutions that cannot be achieve without the creation of thousands of jobs in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Men are still over-represented in STEM. This lack of diversity in Science is mandatory an impediment for innovation.

Fondation IPSEN wants to help raise awareness to promote women in STEM. in 2019, we will publish three manga books about women working in Science. Become inspired!


Discover our three Manga books

One of a kind


Ramona is struggling to fit in within the industrial group Le Plénier®. In the hopes of finally being acknowledged as an engineer, she accepted a mission to work on an offshore oil rig. Trapped with rough colleagues, things are not going as planned. Stereotypes, prejudices and insensitive comments come thick and fast… but they haven’t heard the last of her just yet…


Gender chaos

By Kathleen BAUSSET

Nohr works as a young resident in the emergency room. She wants to become a general practitioner. In this competitive environment, her fighting spirit and motivation have been put to the test. “It’s no job for a woman!” she begins to doubt herself. But, during a stormy evening, a flash propelled the mind of her colleague and rival, Maxence, into her body. How these two souls will succeed to live together and learn from each other?


Glass ceiling


“Thank you for your call, goodbye”… Meredith couldn’t find anything else to say to the man who informed her that she had failed her interview for a position as head of a research team. She knew all too well that promotion is difficult to obtain on the first attempt…

She started to doubt whether she could do it… Could she live up to her ambitions?

As the days went by, she grew self-conscious. Will she find the strength to sweep away prejudice and break that glass ceiling?